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CSR - examples


Sharing knowledge

We have developed a system of internal training at MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. This system is designed to share knowledge within the organization, effectively use knowledge gained during external training, and improve the qualifications and skills of employees. Additional advantages are presentation skills and an integration within the organization that supports internal communication in MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o.

Impact on social and economic development

We are involved in activities for the local community, which is confirmed by the Mayor of Radomsko’s nomination in 2010 to the Radomsko Entrepreneurship Competition in the category "Prosocial Company of the Year" and the following selected activities in the area of ​​CSR:

  • In 2010 we joined in the initiative to create the LONGEST WOODEN BENCH IN POLAND. At the same time we helped the City of Radomsko beat the Polish record for the longest wooden bench with a length of 94m.



  • We continuously support local events (such as Radomsko Days, Radomsko Family Days, „I Have Wonderful Parents” Family Picnic, Radomsko Christmas Eve „There’s Nothing Like Family" Festival, 5th " Summer with Radomsko District” Holiday Festival, patron of picnic stands during the "Mini Euro 2012" Family Picnic). We strive to actively participate in the life of the city and its inhabitants.
  • We cooperate with, among others, Radomsko City Council, District Authorities, District Labour Office in Radomsko and universities (Czestochowa University of Technology, Technical University of Lodz, University of Lodz).
  • As part of the activities for the local community we support sporting events such as the tennis section of the Municipal Students Sports Club, the organization of district class competitions in football of the ZSP No. 1 „Mechanik” Student Sports Club (currently playing in the Polish 4th football league).
  • During the Różewicz Open Festival 2010 in Radomsko, unveiled was an installation we were contracted to manufacture –Tadeusz Różewicz director’s chair. The chair is located in front of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Radomsko.


  • We also support: Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, young talents in the Foundation "RAY OF JOY" Foundation, „ROTA” Military Vehicles Association of Radomska, charity organizations and initiatives such as the Noble Package.
  • We promote with great conviction the Radomsko Business Gala and the Radomsko Entrepreneurship Competition, organized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We believe that through such initiatives local entrepreneurship develops, and is motivated to develop further and partake in healthy competition. Openness and minding the impact on social and economic development are the values ​​that we care about and that we cheer on.


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