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We fill the role of a professional and reliable supplier of metal products for the construction sector, industry, and end users.



From the beginning, we have invested in the growth of the company and supported the community in which we operate. As a result we have become a reliable and stable business partner offering high quality products.



  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. becomes a major shareholder of MET-WAR Sp. z o.o., operating in the electrical, energy, and telecommunication industries.


  • A modern KOCH drawing machine with innovative continuous monitoring of OTA process parameters is put into operation.
  • The offer is extended to wires of the highest quality with very stable strength and structure parameters. Successful completion of a project funded by the European Union.


  • Successful completion of a project funded by the European Union.
  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. is awarded the title of Company of the Year 2012 in the Radomsko Entrepreneurship Competition, in the employing 50 to 99 workers category.


  • Company receives a grant under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lodz Region for the purchase of machines for perforating profiles used for in the manufacturing of a new type of fencing.
  • Modern boundary fencing is introduced to the sales offer.
  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. also begins manufacturing baling wire. Unveiled at the Solidarity Park in Radomsko is the longest wooden bench in Poland, which beats the existing Guinness World Record. The contractor of the steel frame for the world record breaking bench is MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o.


  • The machinery stock is enhanced with a new modern machine for straightening and cutting wire.
  • During the Różewicz Open Festival 2010 in Radomsko, unveiled is an installation that MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. was contracted to manufacture – the Tadeusz Różewicz director’s chair. The chair is located in front of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Radomsko.
  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. wins at the 1st Radomsko Entrepreneurship Competition in the category of Company of the Year 2010.


  • The company is again among the distinguished group of Business Gazelles.
  • A modern numerically controlled Bending Centre is put into operation. As a result, the company's offer is extended with new products – bent bare and galvanized wire products with a very high degree of reproducibility.


  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. builds a new warehouse.
  • It also introduces the heat treatment of wires (annealing and hardening).
  • The industrial park is increased by another drawing machine and modern bender of cold rolled profiles.


  • The company acquires another drawing machine. Also enhanced is the capacity to manufacture wires in cuts.


  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. begins exporting products - wires.
  • Also wire straightening and cutting is launched.


  • The company puts another drawing machine into operation.
  • Also receives the award – Business Gazelle – No. 2 Lodz Voivoidship.


  • The machinery stock is equipped with yet another drawing machine.
  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. receives the award - Business Gazelle - No. 1 Lodz Voivoidship


  • The company begins manufacturing wires. The offer is enriched with bare low carbon steel wires.


  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. moves to its new headquarters at ul. Narutowicza 59 in Radomsko, where a new manufacturing plant is put into operation.
  • Launched is the manufacturing of fencing. MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. offers a complete solution - from fence design to installation.
  • The company also opens a store for retail and wholesale sales of various kinds of metal products such as fasteners, bolts, screws, confirmats.


  • The company locates at ul. Zgody 14 in Radomsko. Initially, the company engages in commercial activities conducted in the areas of raw materials and fencing systems.
  • MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o. completes its first foreign contract and begins exporting goods.


  • The company starts business activity. The founder of the company is Adam Świerczyński, specializing in the metal and steel sector.

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