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Manufacturing services

Wire bending – Bending Centre


We use a modern numerically controlled bending centre with a very wide spectrum of possibilities.
The bending line can bend wires:

  • in three dimensions (3D) and
  • seven axes.

Diametrical range of bent wires:

Diameter (min) Diameter (max)
from 1,5 mm to 8,0 mm

We can make any products and semi-finished products from wire in accordance with the order and on request (taking into account the above mentioned diametrical range).

We encourage you to take advantage of the different kinds of wire and wire bending services.

Sample designs

Bending closed and flat profiles

We have a modern numerically controlled mandrel bender.

Range of sizes of bent and flat profiles:

Gauge Cross-section
Square profile Max 60x60x3,0mm
Rectangular profile Max 60x40x3,0mm
Round profile Max Ø 60x3,2mm
Flat Max 50x10mm


  • fixed and variable bending radius
  • high accuracy and reproducibility of bending
  • short completion time

Closed profile piercing

We use a modern high-efficiency profile piercing line.

  • Possibilities for providing profile piercing services:
  • Line creates holes in the shape of a rectangle and circle of various dimensions.
  • The profile perforation line using non-deforming perforation technology enables you to make both regular and irregular perforations, and open profiles to the length of 3000mm.
  • Thanks to the profile centring system we are able to perforate profiles of lower quality material, with high manufacturing tolerances and high precision.
  • Workpiece clamping system enables precise hole perforation to the end of the profile, so that you can reduce unnecessary loss of material.
  • It is possible to perforate one side or the two opposing sides of the profile.
  • The line is equipped with punches and dies in the shape of a rectangle and of various dimensions.

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