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We fill the role of a professional and reliable supplier of metal products for the construction sector, industry, and end users.

Our offer


Employee friendly company

We are an important and valued employer in the regional labour market, an employer that is stable, reliable, and friendly to its employees. People are a component of the company's success as an organization. They are the most valuable asset of the company and their knowledge and skills contribute to the continuous dynamic development of MET-PRIM.

What do we offer?

  • friendly working atmosphere in a fast growing company with a strong market position,
  • opportunity for professional and skills development,
  • adaptive training in the process of integrating new employees, which allows them to quickly and efficiently carry out tasks in the workplace, while giving greater comfort starting in the new environment
  • company integration events
  • cultural and social events - educational (i.e., for example, going to the theatre, cinema)
  • bonuses and awards system


Adaptive training

  • We take care of the integration of new employees with a team of MET-PRIM. That is why we offer them training in the field of adaptive, including: the organization of work or the acquisition of professional knowledge and practice in various areas of the company.

Individual career path

  • We prepare for employees a career path with their professional development in mind. We are aware of the fact that the intellectual development and the acquisition of new skills has a positive effect not only on comfort and motivation of employees, but also for the development of the entire organization.


Among the organizations MET-PRIM cooperates with:

  • District Labour Office in Radomsko. The cooperation includes the exchange of information on available jobs, creating and filling new jobs and the organization of internships for interested people.
  • Technical University of Czestochowa, Lodz University of Technology and the University of Lodz.

We offer students the chance to participate in a Student Training Program. Through the collaboration, students receive:

  • professional experience in a stable and dynamically developing company
  • lessons from experts
  • access to modern technological and business solutions

The best have a chance at employment.

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tel./fax: 044 682 24 60 / 044 682 31 25

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