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STAGE 1: Application

If you are interested in a job offer posted by MET-PRIM Sp. z o.o., please send us your CV and cover letter by e-mail:

Be sure to place the reference number for the specific job in the title of the e-mail or in your CV.

STAGE 2: Application selection

From the submitted applications we select candidates who best meet the criteria specified in the notice. The selected candidates are invited for a job interview. Their number depends on the number of applications that meet the criteria.

STAGE III: Recruitment interview

The recruitment interview is conducted with the direct supervisor and recruitment specialist. Conversation aims to increase our knowledge of the information contained in your CV and cover letter. Moreover, we are interested in your experience and skills, as well as your expectations related to future work.

During the talks, we also try to give as much information about the company and the specifics of the job.

In some processes, especially when recruiting for key positions, there is a need for a meeting with a senior manager. In such situations other recruitment tools used may be used.

STAGE IV: Candidate selection

Information about the result of the recruitment process is communicated by telephone or e-mail.

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