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We fill the role of a professional and reliable supplier of metal products for the construction sector, industry, and end users.




New - the vast majority - machinery ensures safe working conditions for employees and reduces the company’s impact on the surrounding area and natural environment. Automation of most manufacturing jobs provides reproducibility, accuracy, and efficiency of manufacturing, which guarantees high quality products with a significant competitive advantage.

Products and services

MET-PRIM makes products targeted at the Polish market and abroad. Manufactured at the company's headquarters in Radomsko are of high quality wire and wire products and a broad range of fencing systems.

Manufacturing of wires and wire products

Launched in 2013, the modern KOCH drawing line with innovative continuous monitoring of OTA process parameters, guarantees the highest quality wire manufacturing with very stable parameters of strength and structure.

Bending Centre

The numerically controlled Bending Centre manufactures bent products from bare and galvanized wire with a very high degree of reproducibility.

Profile piercing – fencing systems

With the purchase of the latest line for piercing profiles, we have launched the manufacturing of an innovative boundary fencing system.

By investing in the latest machinery, equipment, and technologies from the most renowned global manufacturers, we continuously improve manufacturing quality and efficiency.


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