Your reliable partner
We fill the role of a professional and reliable supplier of metal products for the construction sector, industry, and end users.




Basing on certificates and proven suppliers of raw materials and components, working on modern machines and equipment, we act with due care and diligence, which is reflected in the high quality of our products.

Operational excellence

We are committed to continuous improvement of processes in the organization, which secures a continuous increase in work efficiency.

Openness and innovation

We closely monitor the market and its changes. We are sensitive to its needs and open to new solutions. We are committed to the systematic implementation of innovative technologies. This approach enables us to grow and be competitive.


The customer is most important to us. We focus on serving them comprehensively. Responsibility and integrity enable us to gain confidence and maintain lasting projects with partners. Therefore, it is important that customer service is implemented at the highest level.

Mutual Respect

We build our company through mutual respect, ethical values, ​​and attention to the relationship between our employees and clients/partners.

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tel./fax: 044 682 24 60 / 044 682 31 25

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